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Fountain of Youth Festival @ The Strand Theater

An evening event featuring young local artists Mare, Hasty page, John & Amy, and Birds of the Northeast. 

General Admission: $10

Mare: Pulling a name from the large, ocean-like plains on the moon, Mare's music sounds like nothing less. A live electronic solo artist who values deep musicality in performance. Introspective and meaningful, Mare's music aims to be move the listener to a higher state of mind. 

Birds of The Northeast: Birds of the Northeast is moniker for the ambient, acoustic project of singer/songwriter Patrick Grace. During the cold winter of 2013-14, Patrick began recording a collection of musical ideas in his basement, using an old computer and a few of his father’s microphones. Channeling his loneliness, he used vocal harmonies, odd instrumentation, and raw emotion to create a sonic landscape. When spring arrived, he emerged with a full album’s worth of creative, lush, and emotional folk oriented material. 


John & Amy: John & Amy are an acoustic duo that cover mostly folk/indie-pop artists, and write original music of a similar genre. Recently engaged, the couple has decided to pursue performing music and follow their passion of making people smile and spreading lessons love and compassion through their music. 

Hasty Page: Hasty Page is a group of talented local musicians that came together to create an exciting, alternative rock experience for their fans! The members of Hasty Page have had individual success in the past but this project is much different for each of them. The original music they have written over the past few months is HOOK centric alternative music! What a concept, right?

Earlier Event: July 20
Lake George Beach Club
Later Event: July 27
Lake George Beach Club