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Hasty Page live at Jupiter Hall in Albany, New York. (11/18/16) PC: Bryan Lasky

Hasty Page live at Jupiter Hall in Albany, New York. (11/18/16)

PC: Bryan Lasky

Hasty Page is a group of innovative musicians from Upstate New York that came together to create an exciting, inspirational new sound for their fans.  Their original music paints a theatrical image through the use of creative lyrics and intricate musicianship. With a mix of popular cover tunes and invigorating original music, their live shows are sure to entertain and keep you wanting more. Josh Morris, Zane Agnew and James Paolano formed the group in November, 2015. Since then, they have released an EP, “The Coming of Age,” and a full length album, “Distance.” They have played over 100 shows in and around New York’s Capitol Region, including several at Jupiter Hall, Move Music Festival 2016/2017, and Pearlpalooza 2017. They are influenced by artists such as Kings of Leon, Incubus, The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Nothing But Thieves to name a few, but have formed a musical identity that won’t soon be forgotten.

Josh Morris - Josh has been playing drums his whole life.  But over the past 5 years, he has made himself known as a respectable musician who strives for greatness in whatever he does.  With being a part of Hasty Page, Josh has now equipped himself with some fierce vocal skills and impressionable songwriting tactics.  He got his start at just 14 years old playing the drums with a band he founded called Vontus.  Josh and his bandmates saw international success with their original music being played on radio stations in London, England!  Vontus had a huge local following as well playing over 75 shows in 2 years from Vermont to New York City.  Josh also graced the stage to win the audience choice award at the SPAC battle of the bands in 2013.  Fast forward and Josh has begun a new project with musicians that share his vision and now they are free to accomplish whatever dreams they may have as a band.  He now studies Music Industry at The College of Saint Rose, where he continues to equip himself with the skills needed to be a professional musician.


James Paolano - James started playing bass with school orchestra in 5th grade and hasn't looked back.  James is a consummate professional that is classically trained.  He has honed his craft by filling in with talented local musicians including a brief stage spot with Josh's former band Vontus at the Sandy Hill Days music festival in 2013.  Now at 17 years old he adds the thunder to Hasty Page!  Although James has a love for the classical orchestra, he feeds off the energy within todays jazz, alternative and modern rock styles.  Always excited to be playing he looks forward to giving audiences that thumping vibration to tap their foot to.

Zane Agnew - Zane has been playing the guitar since age 10 after starting out on Saxophone early on in life.  He was formally instructed by the great Terry Scoville of Capital Zen.  Equally at home playing rock and blues on a Fenderl, or folk and acoustic on a Martin, Zane has matured into a tasteful and accomplished player.  Since joining Hasty Page, Zane is influenced by mostly all types of music and continues to write very unique and intricate songs and guitar riffs.  He has been playing regular acoustic gigs along with Josh Morris at venues around the area, and has joined his father, Ray for gigs at the Hudson River Music Hall, the Paul Smith’s College Visitor Interpretive Center (The VIC), and the Recovery Lounge among others.  Zane is now a passionate songwriter and has found a musical home in Hasty Page among his bandmates.  He also now studies Music Industry at The College of Saint Rose along side his fellow bandmate, Josh.